Prosperity After Divorce

Take charge of your finances & create the life you really want using LIFESTYLE RE-DESIGN PLANNING

"In this uplifting book, Michelle gets to the heart of helping woman define and create their prosperity after divorce" 


"With wit, humor, and a bit of (enlightened) tough love, Michelle Jacobik navigates you through your post-divorce financial journey. Prosperity After Divorce gives you the tools you need to create a solid framework for a financial life on your own—including that big, bad B-word: budget! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry … and then you’ll get to work.” 

Barbara Stanny (now Huson) Best Selling Author: Sacred Success

“Michelle Jacobik has been a contributor to DivorceForce. In her book, Prosperity After Divorce, she provides all her wisdom and help we have come to know, concisely in one read. Who wouldn’t want a life of prosperity? While Michelle teaches us about “financial” prosperity, she also goes much deeper and provides a “lifestyle redesign plan.” What exactly is life prosperity? Read, find out, get onboard, and start you new fulfilled life.””

Greg Frank CEO:


About the Author

Michelle Jacobik is a highly sought after Budget Coach. Her Financial Solutions & Divorce Support Programs have successfully led individuals around the country in rebuilding their financial foundations. Using budgeting tools, debt reduction planning, and saving techniques she helps clients create a LIFESTYLE REDESIGN PLAN (TM) that allows them to forge their way towards reaching their goals.